Cinnamon Scones

I love baking, and as part of this blog I thought I’d include some recipes I’ve tried.

Today I tried this one, that I’ve never done before.  I pinned it ages ago, and only just now thought to actually, you know…make it.  Cinnamon Scones.

First you mix the dry ingredients, and then cut in the butter.  I’m never quite sure when I’ve done this correctly.  I don’t think I went far enough with it this time, because the final mixture (as you’ll see) was pretty crumbly and needed more moisture.  If the butter was in smaller chunks, it would have held together better.

See how dry it is?  At this point I thought I should add more milk, but I don’t like to deviate from the original recipe the first time I make something, so I stuck it out.

The neat thing about rolling something out on a sheet pan is that the edges are a set height, so when I rest my roller on it, I know I won’t roll something out to be too thick or too thin.  It ends up even all across.  This was still pretty crumbly, and I had to smoosh it together a few times.

The aftermath of baking, lol!  My poor husband.  He likes it when I bakes, and doesn’t at the same time.

It’s not as pretty as the original post, but it tastes pretty good!  I think next time I’ll make the dough more wet, and maybe use a different kind of honey.  The honey flavor is pretty strong.  Still, it’s delicious!

What Was I Talking About?

Good grief.  I had an idea for a post, but by the time I logged in (had to find my name and password even though I used them yesterday), ran some updates on the blog (I’m still fairly new to WordPress), and opened a new post window, I’ve completely forgotten what it was I was going to say.

Was it school related?  I was just in my classroom feeding my animals and watering the plants.  It’s also Wednesday, so I’m wearing red for our Arizona #redfored campaign.  I need to get a new shirt, this one is a little too short.  The challenges of being kind of tall.

Maybe it was about baking.  I am, after all, munching on some delicious homemade cookies.  Nothing special, just the standard Nabisco recipe with some M&Ms added, and then under baked so they’re still reminiscent of cookie dough without the dangers of illness.  When I was pregnant I wanted cookie dough so bad, I baked cookies until they had /just/ hit the safe zone (using my hubby’s laser thermometer) before eating them.  They were perfect.

Was it about my toddler?  I ran him ragged this morning with errands and visiting family, so that by the time we got home he went down for a nap without the usual screaming protest.  He even admitted he was tired and wanted a nap.  That made me so happy.

Who knows.  I still can’t remember, and now I’m staring at a blog post that’s about not remembering what my blog post was going to be about.  Oh well.  This is an experiment anyway, and without having shared it anywhere, it’s not like folks will notice.  😉


I miss journaling a lot, and I’ve tried many times to get back into it.  For some reason, it hasn’t worked.  I’m wondering if it’s the hand writing that’s doing it, or maybe it’s not having an audience.  Though the private aspect of having a journal is important too.

Then I think why don’t I just post things on Facebook?  And I think that’s because I don’t want to feel like I’m bothering people.  At least with a blog, folks can visit if they want to, and it’s not cluttering up their news feeds.

So what will I be writing about?  I’m not sure.  I’m a teacher and a mother so it’s not like I have a ton of time to write, but I want to get started again.  If it’s about my day, if it’s about things I’ve read, or things I’m trying to bake…it’s all good.  No stress!