Testing Has Begun

I’m exhausted. Testing started yesterday. I’m three exams down out of the 15 I have to administer. It’s so boring and at the same time it’s low key stress making sure they’re following the rules, worrying about how they’re doing, worrying the internet or Chromebooks will keep working…it’s just exhausting. And we didn’t sleep well last night either. Not with the toddler up three times. Then I was wide awake so I spent some time trying to rewatch a livestream that I never did get to work all the way. Tonight I will sleep.

It’s beautiful outside. The kiddo is playing with his sand/water table and I’m sitting in the shade. Just remembered I was preheating the oven for dinner. I should probably go take care of that, lol. Whoops. At least dinner wasn’t already in the oven when I forgot about it, right?