Early the next morning Uncle Bob, Mom, Amy and I took the 1/2 hour drive into Orlando to go to Disney World.

Uncle Bob has Theme Park Karma. At least when he’s with us. We got to park at the near end of the row, got out and jumped right on the tram to take us to the park. We didn’t have to wait to buy tickets, we hardly had to wait for security. We got to take a large ferry across the lake to the entrance to the park. I love ships. Inside the park Uncle Bob took off like a shot, and we hurried to keep up, Mom declaring, “Follow the General!” Rare was the occasion we would have to pause and consult the map.

There was a 5 minute wait for Splash Mountain. It took us those 5 minutes to weave our way through the empty lines to the boarding area. I must be honest here. Splash Mountain is not my favorite Disney ride, but it’s fun. Besides. He was going so fast I didn’t have time to think about what I was doing until we were actually in the log. After that it was time for one of my top 5 rides. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Amy hasn’t been to Disneyland since she was too young to remember, so she was quite apprehensive. I told her it went upside-down and did all sorts of crazy stuff. But she stuck it out and after another 5 minute weave we got into the front car. I love that ride. :)

The Jungle Cruise was a little different. They don’t shoot at the hippos anymore. We sat right up front on the middle bench and the guide looked down at Amy who was wearing her Diva shirt and invited her to sing. She didn’t.

We found these awesome palm trees in Tomorrowland. Over the course of the day we didn’t have to wait more than 15 minutes for any ride, and only used a Fast Pass once. On my all time favorite ride, Space Mountain. I got into the very front of car #2. When I came off the ride my voice was hoarse. I love how after every ride you have to go through a gift shop to get out. In the Space Mountain shop Mom found the coolest thing. It’s a Tomorrowland Visitor Pass with a lanyard and you wear it around your neck. They had everybody’s names pre-printed onto them. Mom found me one that said Captain. I grabbed it. Now I am authorized to wander around Tomorrowland but it’s “not valid for admission to any Disney park or attraction”. Oh well.

As we were walking around we passed a four piece saxophone band. They began following us. We stopped by the castle. (“You’d better make it a bit bigger they’ve actually got them here.”) Did you know they can take that down and have it secured in 30 minutes? Hurricane safety. The band leader pointed at Amy. “Diva? You sing?” She said yes, she did. They didn’t ask her to sing but instead said that they had been having a disagreement about the tempo of the Mickey Mouse March and would she conduct them? They handed her a white Disney Princess wand. People began gathering around as – grinning furiously – she began to conduct. After a few measures she began speeding up. True to form, they kept up with her and were having a blast. Then she forgot to cut them off. Poor guys nearly passed out before Uncle Bob whispered to her what to do. It was great. It’s A Small World is…annoying. I almost called people just so they could share the joy. To see Ben’s Disneyland counterpart click Here

We topped the day out by riding the train back to Main Street and stopping in at the candy store. I dozed on the way home and so had enough energy to swim some and read before falling asleep. (Nearing the end of the 4th book)

Next morning I awoke to the pleasant sounds of classical music. I continued to doze until the music was sharply cut off and replaced by Christian. Someone knocked on my door and I got up. It was time to tackle Animal Kingdom. Once again we proved our Karma by parking at the near side of the row, jumping right onto the tram and gliding through security. The first ride we went on was the Safari. It’s a bumpy jeep ride through the Kingdom’s animal reserve. Lots of fun, and we got to see all sorts of animals. Lions, Elephants, Giraffes…

Then came the River Rapids. 8 people strap into a round raft and they send you up a river. The lady sitting to my left and I got the worst of it. We were the only ones wearing red. (Coincidence?) It was a very fun ride.

I got to see the bird show, which was basically the same as the one I grew up watching at the LA Zoo. We explored DinoLand U.S.A. and went on a ride called Dinosaur. Another jeep ride, only this time it’s pitch black and you go back in time. Dinosaurs jump out at you from everywhere. It was fantastic! Towards the end they take your picture. We had to buy it. I guess I tense when I’m startled.

That night I finished book 4 and decided that I didn’t want to listen to 5 on audio. I began searching for the nearest book store. Borders Books became my best friend this trip. I spent more money on books then I did on souvenirs! The next day we all slept in, and enjoyed swimming and laying around until we went into town to eat lunch at a place that was right next to…Borders! I twitched my way through the meal until I was released, and I sprinted next door. They had the 5th book! I snatched it. I grabbed the 6th book as well. I fell asleap that night with a remote and a good book by my side. Ahh...bliss. :)

The next day it was on to the DOLPHINS!