August, 2002

This trip to the east coast was a bit different than my last. It only took one day, and it was AC all the way! But, I didn't get to see any sailors. :( Oh well. We all came home rested, tan and with more than our share of calories. It all began with a fun little romp down to Phoenix in the open-air jeep. A harrowing experience at best. My skin will never be the same again. Reaching my Aunt and Uncle’s house we parked the jeep in their back yard and my cousin James drove us to the airport. Already Amy is asking, “Are we there yet?” We check in, I lead off and then we sit for an hour. The book I had to read is 4rd in a series of 13. The Vorkosigan series by Lois McMaster Bujold. With me I had the 5th one on tape. I figured I’d be set for the week. Little did I know just how much time I would have to read. The flights were uneventful, with an hour layover in Minneapolis. (We took the scenic route to Florida, apparently) I called a few people because I was bored, and told Gab where we were.

“Minneapolis? That’s like getting to the east coast by way of Asia.” She remarked.

This is also where I discovered I could send e-mails from my phone! Being on weekend minutes, I typed out a note and sent it off. The average speed of writing an e-mail on your phone is 3 seconds per letter. Not including punctuation. But, hey! I was on vacation. I had all the time in the world.

Arriving in Orlando we got on our first ride (an above ground sub-way is the best I can describe it) and after playing cell-phone tag for a few minutes in an area surprisingly devoid of service, a big black Cadillac pulled up with my Aunt Linda and Uncle Bob inside. Big, comfy car. I played with some buttons on my console and to my pleasure discovered that I could heat my seat up. Or, if I wanted, heat the back up too. I heated the back and felt my tense muscles finally begin to relax. Long live airline seats. I need a good, long massage...

I don’t know how long it took us to get to their house in Clermont, but I managed to write a few more e-mails. I will use all my minutes this month.

When we got to their house they showed us the two guest bedrooms. Mom called the one with the softer mattress, and I called the firmer one (I sleep better on firm surfaces). Then Mom told Amy to put her stuff in my room. I know it’s not good manners to start a fight with your sibling so soon after arriving, but there was so much at stake I couldn’t help myself. I flat out refused to let Amy sleep with me. She talks in her sleep! Knowing my luck, she’d probably sing BSB songs too. So they showed her the other possibility. A fold out couch in the library. Which also had the computer. Amy jumped on it. I protested weakly to trade and have the computer, but I knew I was beaten. Besides, my room had a TV/VCR in it. Here is a list of all the movies I watched while there:
The Rocketeer
Legally Blonde
Flight of the Navigator
Send Me No Flowers
(The beginning of) Sleepless in Seattle (so I’ve still never seen it)

The next morning I awoke and stumbled out of my room dressed in my 2600 T-shirt and boxers. And ran right into a strange little man I’d never seen before. “Uh…hello.”

He nodded. Uncle Bob was tooling around in the kitchen and gave me a cheery, "Good morning!" After a few moments of study I realized the man was working on the cabinets. Well that explained the power saw I had heard going. I thought I had been dreaming about the deck.

We spent the day swimming and I was half done with the 4th book. We ate dinner at the Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney, where we were seated right by the elephant’s butt. How pleasant. The restaurant has good food, but is a tad noisy for my tastes. Or perhaps it was just because I was still jet lagged. One of these days I’ll drink enough water. Amy and I shared a monstrous dessert. Called The Volcano. It was at least 10 inches high. A mountain of brownies with a stack of ice cream in the middle, liberally topped by hot fudge, caramel and whipped cream. Oooooh. Yeah. It was good. Very, very good. We hobbled back to the car on full stomachs and carrying doggy bags. Getting back home we planned our angle of attack on the Theme Parks.