Welcome to my digital art section! I use Vue 6 to create these pieces. If you would like to purchase any prints, please visit my Deviantart Account Store.

All these works are (c) to myself, and can not be used without permission.


Any Port

Fiddling around with depth perception in Vue. I really like how this one turned out. I was imagining someone on a life raft, and trying to reach the safety of the island before the looming storm hits.




This was one of my first pieces, made to look like Arizona. What I'm most proud of is the river in the background. You can't see it here, but there's a thin strip of greenery on either side of the water, just like in real life. That greenery took me forever! :)




As you'll notice, I tend to do a lot of water pieces. I did this one with a daylight atmosphere, and it looked too bland, too normal. So...poof! Make it night, add in a moonrise and a mysterious light, and you get this picture. I also love how choppy the water is.



Baobab Tree

This is one of my favorite pieces. I love trees, and silhouettes. The lens flare was an accident that I discovered while playing with the position of the camera.



Cherry Dawn

More trees at morning time. I love the tiny lens flare you can see in the middle branch of the tree - it's like a little star.



Cherry Trees

I was playing around with objects with this one, and wanted to show a woman and her dog watching the sunrise.



Cherry Walk

These are in alphabetical order, can you tell? One of my favorite things is when trees branch over a road or walkway and intertwine, so that's what I was going for here. The walkway doesn't go anywhere, but...oh well. It's still pretty. I imagine a huge, grand house behind the camera.




Some island paradise. I love how smooth the water is. The sand took me forever to get right, because I can't quite figure out how to rotate a texture.




Just looking at the clouds, sitting beneath a tree...



Cloudy Dock

More fooling around with objects. The pier took me forever, since I made that myself out of a square and a wood texture.



Cottage on a Cliff

I love the garden texture, but don't often have a use for it, since I tend to do larger-scale pictures. I made this entire image based around that garden texture.



Dead Tree

I wasn't depressed when I made this, I swear. I love old, dead trees, and wanted to showcase a dreary morning. Not everything can be stunningly beautiful sunsets, you know. ;)



Distant Mountains

I'm not happy with the scale of this picture. The trees in the bottom right are supposed to give you an idea of scale, but I don't think it quite works. Still, I love the rest of it. Especially the clouds and the far mountain.




I play on a Pern RPG, and this is a picture I did for one of our clutches of eggs. It was fun putting different textures onto spheres to make them look like the eggs.

(Pern is (c) Anne McCaffrey)




I used to go to a camp every summer, and when I needed some time to get away I would hide behind a building and look up across the short distance to steep mountains. This is my tribute to that place of solitude.



Forest Approach

More fiddling around with textures and ecosystems, just to see how they work.



Forest Ocean

More texture fiddling...



Fort Weyr

Again, from that Pern game, this is a picture I did of our weyr. There's a lot I'd like to go back and change, so someday I'll have to do that. Still, I'm very pleased with how it turned out.

If you want to visit our game site, go to http://www.pwfortweyr.com


(Pern is (c) Anne McCaffrey)





More trees, and this time a foggy atmosphere. I love fog, and wanted to bring it into one of my pictures.



Inside Fort

This is inside the Fort Weyr picture. I love how you're able to move the camera around in the 3D environment, without having to redraw it every time.


(Pern is (c) Anne McCaffrey)



Island Pass

The things that gave me the hardest trouble are those darn flags. They're more transparent than I wanted, and it took me forever to figure out how to change that. I'm mostly satisfied, except for the yellow one that is nearly invisible in this picture. Oh well. It's still pretty.



Island Sunset

More sunsets, more water, more silhouettes...



Isolated Pond

I just want to sit there and write and sketch...it seems so peaceful.



Ista Beach

My image of Ista Beach.


(Pern is (c) Anne McCaffrey)



Ocean Approach

I love this one. It's simple, and yet everything turned out perfectly. Even the direction of the water worked for me this time. It really looks like it's flowing out to sea.



Red Maple

Just a zoomed in picture of one of the red maple tree objects that comes with Vue. Not too exciting, but I love the colors.



Rocky Beach

I'm proud of this one because I think it really looks like a photograph. I can't remember what texture that is, but it's a very neat one. I'll have to go find it again.



Runway at Night

My dad once said that there wasn't anything more beautiful than a runway at night. So I set out to try and recreate one. I'm not entierly happy with how it came out, but it's alright. It took me forever, because each one of those dots is a single light object that I had to meneuver into the right space. I like the mountains in the background.



Sandy Island

For some reason this picture reminds me of camping with my Girl Scout troop. It really looks like a Southern California beach to me.




A partner to Cloudgazing. It's the same tree, but the camera position has moved a bit.



Star Stones

A picture of Fort Weyr as it might be seen from dragonback, at night. I love this one.


(Pern is (c) Anne McCaffrey)



Sunrise Mountains

One of my first pieces. Again, I love silhouettes, and simplicity.



Sunset Stones

This is one of the first pictures I made, and is one of my favorites.



The Water Mage's Garden

If a water mage decided to plant a garden, how would he do it and what would it look like? Well, this is what I come up with. I like it, there's lots of little details if you look close enough.



Town on the Sea

Another texture experiment. I save everything I do, even if it's rather silly.



Tree and Stone

More playing with textures and objects, as well as depth. I like it, especially how the tree isn't perfectly centered in the frame. I think it makes it look more genuine.



Trees on a Hill

Not much to say here. I was trying to get the perspective of a wide clearing abruptly ending in a line of trees, but couldn't quite get it to mesh.





After doing what felt like fifty 'sunset water' pictures, I wanted to do something to shake me out of that rut. So I took whatever random things I found in the program, and this is the result. I imagine the Orca as coming through a portal to what he thinks is a water-filled world. Whoops. Hope it wasn't a one-way ticket.




I love whales, hence this picture. I did not make the objects, they came with Vue. I'm probably most proud of the lighting, and the texture of the ground.